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Buy SRVC token and get the opportunity to be part of the Private stage. You can later exchange your subscription token for the RVC token without any restrictions, fully digitally, without any paper documents.

Start trading with SRVC tokens on PancakeSwap exchange right away and take advantage of price changes.

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The SRVC token gives you the opportunity to participate in the Revenue project ( Already at the Private stage, you can buy a token listed on a crypto exchange. With it, you get the right to exchange it for the main token at a later time. If you do not want to wait until December and you do not want to use the Private offer, just buy a subscription token on the exchange. You will be able to sell or transfer the tokens to any wallet immediately after purchase, maintaining full control over your property. Unlike tokens purchased in a private offer, SRVC tokens ensure full exchangeability for RVC tokens without vesting. The number of subscription tokens available for purchase is limited. By purchasing SRVC tokens, you support young companies and benefit from their development on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency and blockchain market. The blockchain revolution can be compared to the revolution brought by the Internet. Investing now in young companies in this industry is like investing in Internet companies twenty years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

SRVC is an RVC subscription token. After creating the RVC token, you will be able to convert SRVC to RVC in a 1: 1 ratio. It was created by Revenue Capital and is tradeable on the Binance Smart Chain.

You can buy SRVC by investing any amount, and you will have the purchased tokens in your wallet right away. You don’t have to wait for TGE. Purchased SRVC tokens are not subject to vesting. You can start trading them immediately after purchasing them.

You can store SRVC tokens on your own crypto wallet in the Binance Smart Chain.

SRVC was created on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

SRVC launches on September 6, 2021 at 12:00 GMT.

You can buy SRVC tokens on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange.

Anyone who owns BNB and a crypto wallet on the BSC network.

As SRVC is generated on the Binance Smart Chain network, Revenue Capital ensures its liquidity against BNB and in this cryptocurrency it is best to trade the SRVC token. Ethereum and Bitcoin can be easily exchanged for BNB.

Yes, the price depends on the supply and demand. The more people buy SRVC, the higher the price.

There are no restrictions, anyone can buy and sell the SRVC token.

Yes, you can sell SRVC tokens at any time on a decentralized exchange (e.g. PancakeSwap).

Yes, you can trade the SRVC token 24 hours a day.

200,000,000 SRVC tokens were minted. All tokens that will not be sold on PancakeSwap exchange before generating the RVC token will be burned.

Revenue Capital created the Liquidity Pool on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange and added the appropriate amount of SRVC and BNB tokens to it. Revenue Capital may enlarge the Liquidity Pool in the future by adding SRVC and BNB to it in a 50:50 ratio in line with the current market price (increasing the Liquidity Pool does not change the price).

The purpose of issuing SRVC tokens is to enable the acquisition of SRVC tokens by a wide group of investors via the PancakeSwap exchange while respecting the laws of supply and demand that affect the price. Revenue Capital will not sell tokens outside the exchange, and with the growing number of tokens in circulation, it will increase the value of the Liquidity Pool so that trading on PancakeSwap can be carried out smoothly.

The price of SRVC depends on the ratio of BNB to SRVC in the Liquidity Pool. If investors buy SRVC, the price goes up. If investors sell SRVC, the SRVC price drops.

Not less than 10% of SRVC tokens sold.

Yes, after creating the token, RVC Revenue Capital will create a bridge and transfer some of the RVC tokens to the BSC blockchain. Then it will create a smart contract that will allow you to swap SRVC with RVC in a 1: 1 ratio. RVC tokens can be freely transferred between blockchains.

1:1. One SRVC token can be exchanged for one RVC token.

You can buy any quantity of SRVC. The only limitation is the number of tokens available in the Liquidity Pool. Revenue Capital will replenish the Liquidity Pool so that the amount of SRVC is at least 10% of the tokens available on community wallets.

You can exchange SRVC tokens for BNB.

If you do not want to exchange SRVC tokens for RVC, you can leave them on your wallet and trade them on decentralized exchanges.

You can convert SRVC to RVC at any time after the Revenue Capital conversion smart contract is made public. It will have at least as much RVC as SRVC. They will never run out.

If no RVC tokens are produced, the SRVC token will remain in circulation. Revenue Capital is committed to providing liquidity in the Liquidity Pool in such a way that the 10-day average selling price of the token will not be less than $ 0.0088.

Revenue Capital will create a special smart contract in which it will be possible to convert SRVC to RVC in a 1: 1 ratio. A smart contract will have at least the same RVC as the total supply of SRVC at the time the contract is created. Smart contract address and information on how to do it will be available on the website.


Yes, both the SRVC tokens and the RVC tokens you get after the swap are not vested.

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